This Needs to STOP! Help Protect our Profession.

Interesting email I received from Todd Falcone ALL Network Marketers need to read!’Good morning-If the future of network marketing is important to you, I’m urging you to READ THIS message.

I’m obviously a huge proponent of the direct selling model, and fiercely protective of it.

I believe it is of utmost importance that we all do our part in uplifting the level of professionalism as both distributors and company owners in the Direct Selling profession.

Companies need to step up and do the right thing.
Distributor must do so as well.

A couple of points as an example that we all should keep our eye on so that this model can be sustained and grow well into the future, without scrutiny and negativity…but instead with adoration and acceptance.

#1: Income and Product Claims. One of the greatest challenges we face are people who run around showing checks and making medical claims about their products.

Regulators hate this…and it’s one of the greatest issues we face as a profession. In other words…it’s one of the primary reasons for trouble. Let’s all be HYPER aware of people making statements/claims about products, and be willing to call them to the carpet when they do.

Likewise….if you see someone showing checks, pull them aside. It’s NOT o.k. in the eyes of regulators.

#2: Lies, Exaggerations and Untruths. The cool thing about telling the truth is that you never have to remember what you said. The truth should always be good enough, don’t you think?

You see someone perpetuating something that isn’t fact, pull them aside and have a chat. I’ve been guilty of perpetuating something that I thought was fact, when in all reality was not.

THINK before we perpetuate something into the marketplace is probably a very wise idea.

#3: Overly Aggressive Recruiting Tactics. I’ve personally never been a proponent of tearing down one to build another. I think we should all be doing things to EXPAND our profession and find people who don’t know about us yet.

When I say overly “aggressive”, the kind of aggressive I’m talking about is when people purposefully and directly ATTACK a specific company and their distributors as their PRIMARY MEANS of recruiting. It’s ugly, weak and pathetic.

The only thing this strategy does is denigrate our profession. It makes us look bad. This is the kind of thing that gives network marketing a bad name.

Don’t misunderstand me here. I get it. People recruit other network marketers all the time. I’ve done it.

BUT…and hear me clearly on this part. When the PRIMARY recruiting strategy being taught to NEW people is to ATTACK and specifically TARGET people in other companies, put their companies downs and do so in a threatening manner…is disgusting.

Watch this video I did in Australia. This came directly from a woman who approached me at an event I did a couple weeks ago.

NEW VIDEO from Australia:  This Dirty Recruiting Has to Stop!

 If you love network marketing as much as I do, you’ll want to take actionable steps on the items I spoke about.

Let’s keep it clean, charge hard and do our best to uplift our profession…

Todd Falcone’