Ruben is a sought after international speaker and presenter to thousands around the world.

Have Ruben speak at your next conference, event or training about a range of topics including:

 Social Media and the impact on Today’s Business

  • Online Marketing in the modern age

Ruben has helped companies ranging from the fastest growing start-up companies to well established small businesses have a Social Media presence.

Ruben has spoken in front of thousands of people from around the world and his inspirational and educational story is sure to motivate your audience.

If you would like Ruben to speak at your next event here are the presentations that he usually presents:

Why your company can successfully profit from Social Media too!

This presentation is all about how to generate a ROI for your business. Inside this special presentation Ruben is going reveal to you:

  • Why has social media taken over the web?
  • Why your business should be using Social Media
  • Ruben’s 3 step system for getting started with Facebook
  • A simple formula for communication over Social Media that ensures your company is protected against negative publicity
  • An explosive method that guarantees your business generates a profit from Facebook

This talk is sure to educate and entertain any audience that has an interest in making the most from Social Media to generate a return and nothing but positive publicity.

The information shared in this presentation is based on simple principals backed up with years of experience and results. All the content will be simple to apply to any business to generate a ROI from Social Media efforts.

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Learn Online Marketing in our modern age and how to apply traditional marketing principals NOW to generate even more profits.

The web is changing the way businesses do business

There are strategies and tactics; there is no doubt about that.

The tactics that used to work don’t anymore

So what do you do?

Ruben has been marketing online for over 17 years. He has seen trends come and go. If you want to find out what is working now and how to utilize information you are familiar with today to the unfamiliar to bring a great return for your business Ruben can show you.

This presentation will include:

  • How to identify if your marketing has been outdated
    • But seriously, if we have to have this discussion, it probably is!
  • Why some businesses are succeeding when others fail and why!
  • How to upgrade your marketing to what’s effective now and why it could cost you your business if you don’t
  • Ruben’s simple 5 step implementation model to ensure you are utilizing the best marketing channels available
  • How to use what you used to know to make more money in today’s online world.

Attendees walk away with a clear picture of how to implement traditional marketing methods they are familiar with, with new online methods today.

This presentation is going to demonstrate how marketing today can be simplified for a business and why it’s essential that businesses move to a more recent model to ensure their business don’t slip away or become irrelevant losing ground to smaller competition.

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